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Home inspector

New home construction inspection covers foundation inspection for correct installation. 

New home construction inspections covers electrical wiring inspections . 

New Home Building Construction Inspection

New home building construction inspections services gives the owner that wishes to manage the construction of their home confirmation that work is being performed properly. This service is normally provided where local municipalities do not make construction inspections, but it can also be done in conjunction with these inspections. Prices vary depending on the type of home construction. These construction phase inspections are normally done at the 5 critical points listed below. We are licensed by the State of Alabama Building Commission. Licensed Home Inspector.

1) Foundation / Slab inspections will be conducted prior to the pouring of concrete.         Monolithic slabs will be conducted after installation of plumbing, electrical,                   mechanical or other items required in the slab but before concrete is poured. 

2) Foundation and floor framing inspections will be conducted before floor sheathing is applied

3) First Rough inspections are done prior to interior wall coverings and include               plumbing, electrical, mechanical, brick ties and poly flashing if applicable, exterior moisture barrier

4) Second rough inspections in includes Insulation & Drywall before painting.

5) Final inspection includes all components and it is recommended to have power and     water services at this time. It will also include lot drainage inspection.